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by - Sunday, January 25, 2015

I'm getting worse and worse when it comes to blogging lately. Trying to juggle between life, work, rest and inspiration is not an easy task. I want to do so many things and have almost no free time left to do them. As much as it saddens me to say, blogging is one of those things. I'm not quitting on it though. I may not be as active as I want, but I'm still here. And this post has been long overdue. So here it is, January's Glossybox!

While surfing through the blogosphere and reading other people's posts about the subscription boxes they choose, I came to the conclusion that getting fitter/healthier must have been a New Year's resolution for most people, something the boxes adopted and promoted as an idea. And although I believe this to be a marvelous thing (I do have a post coming up soon with my twopence on the matter), I also like how Glossybox decided to stand out and not to follow the "Kickstart the Year" trend.

Inside the beautiful pink matte box I found my five beauty items for this month, labeled as Fresh Start Must Haves, all of them full size products!

  • MeMeMe Eye Line Pencil in "Clay": I have been an eye pencil enthusiast since my early teenage years, as it was the easiest and fastest way for me to add some colour to my days without spending valuable time away. I have been in love with a certain brand ever since, which is the one I tend to compare every other eye pencil to. This MeMeMe pencil managed to pass the test. Its colour payoff is great, its longevity worth mentioning and its softness similar to butter. It glided on my waterline with ease and stayed there for almost six hours with no touch up. I only wish the colour was a tad lighter. The retail price is £4.

  • Nicka K New York Colorluxe Powder Blush: I have a bone to pick with every powder blush coming with a puff applicator. Although you generally avoid the mess, you are also unable to clean the puff sponge from any residue it may absorb during the application. I have a very oily complexion, so I tend to avoid sponges like the plague because they can house bacteria, unless I can wash them clean. Now, did I like the colour of this blush? Yes, but I would have gone for a compact powder version than this one. Sorry Glossybox team, really bad choice this one! The 5g retail for €8.95.

  • Jelly Pong Pong All Over Glow: A blush is not always enough to add that radiance our skin tends to lack during the winter months. The fight against the cold can be easily won by applying some much needed highlighter to the highest points of our cheeks and the bridge of our nose, so keeping this fellow in your bag will save your day! I personally avoid highlighters for the same reason I avoid sponge applied blushes, my oily skin. This one though is oil free, lightweight and cruelty free, so after giving it a try I was converted. Now I ceremonially use it every time my skin looks dull and lifeless. The full size product is 15g and costs £10.

  • Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm Superfruits: Worst thing for me every winter has to be the frequency at which my lips tend to chap. I suffer from colds and allergies, having to blow my nose a lot, which causes my lips to dehydrate badly, forcing me to ALWAYS keep a lip balm in my pocket and use it freely throughout the day. Putting this Naked Lips to the test, it left my lips nourished without it feeling waxy or sticky, smells fresh and tastes really good (which is great but also bad at the same time!), plus it has a natural formula packed with oils from anti-oxidant fruits and berries. Can you ask for more? Let's just say it has been added to my everyday needs stash. Retail cost is €5.

  • Kueshi Natural & Pleasant Cosmetics Revitalizing Face Toner: One of the best parts of my day is when I come back home, get my hair up in a bun, put my PJs on and take my make up off. When relaxation time is here, I pay special attention to my cleansing routine (no one wants clogged pores and rough looking skin!), especially since I'm trying to balance my natural oils. After a thorough face wash I always use toner and I have to admit I'm liking this one more than my usual. It smells sweet, almost strawberry like, and its blend of calendula, chamomile and aloe vera is doing wonders into calming my skin. I'm so happy we received a full size product as well, that way I can see its effects in the long run. 200ml retail for €10.70.

I have to say that although this Glossybox wasn't the best compared to some of the older boxes I've received, it definitely was a really good one, with four out of five products getting a thumbs up. I'm now patiently waiting for the February box, as it will have to be something special because of Valentine. I've never celebrated the day myself, I find it rather pointless really, but it has been a reason to look stunning for many women out there (as if we need a reason really!) and Glossybox is embracing that with a box dedicated to LOVE

One more thing I want to mention before I close this post. 
Every month you stay a loyal subscriber to Glossybox you get awarded 20 Glossydots for each survey you complete for every product you received. You also get more if you refer people to join and extra ones after 6 months you remain a subscriber. By the time you reach 1000 Glossydots you can claim a box for free, which is exactly what I did for my February box. Isn't that great? 

Anyhow, I'll stop blabbering now and let you go enjoy the rest of your day.

Until next time,


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