Glossybox December 2014

by - Sunday, December 28, 2014

'Tis the season to be jolly, spend time with family and friends, gift giving and of course partying, what else! There won't be much partying done on my behalf (working in retail during the holidays means when you get a fraction of free time you either sleep or rest or both!), but I will be getting some time off to relax and pamper. December's Glossybox got me covered!

With four full size products one can only be happy, right? Especially when they cover a wide range in the beauty department. Of course along came a card with the sneak peek on January's box and the product everyone will be receiving (again a full size), but I won't reveal it to you. They may have taken away the element of surprise, I'm bringing it back!

Let's get browsing!

  • Bellapierre Cosmetics Cheek & Lip Stain: First of all, let me talk to you about my love with Bellapierre. I remember the brand ever since I was a young adult, with its beautiful, daring colours and trends. I remember wanting to get one of their lipsticks so badly. Many years passed, I grew out of beauty (yes, that actually happened) and forgot all about them. Couple of years ago I fell in love with beauty again. And this last summer I received a Bellapierre lipstick in my July Glossybox. A stunning bright red, daring and oh so feminine. I was thrilled beyond words. So imagine how happy I got when I saw this product in this month's box! It has a coral hue, a satin finish, sleek packaging and is the perfect handbag hero! Love it! The 5gr retail for £12.99.
  • TRESemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Nourish & Renew Tonic: Now here's a product I've never used anything similar to it before and I'm no stranger to hair treatment products (you can't maintain a healthy mane without taking good care of your scalp). Promising a renewal of your hair and a deep nourishment of your scalp, this tonic also helps enhance the qualities of the shampoo and conditioner you're currently using. The combination of tea tree extract and sunflower seed oil is not just therapeutic but also a treat for your nose, as it smells fresh and slightly fruity. I will surely be using this for some time, especially since it is the second full size product of the box. 150ml retail for £5.50.

  • SkinPep Hydra Boost - Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum: From hair care we move to skin care, with the only sample from December's Glossybox, this serum from SkinPep. Like most people, my skin too tends to get drier and more sensitive during the winter months (my natural oils subside somewhat), especially round my nose and cheeks, so this is one perfect serum to use during those times. Perfume free, alcohol free and most importantly for me, a hypo allergenic formulation, it deeply hydrates my skin without irritating it. Plus I can always apply my day cream after! Unfortunately SkinPep is on the pricey size, as 70ml cost £24.99. The sample I received is 15ml, so enough to allow me form an opinion of the product.

  • Anatomicals Zap! Zap! Zap! Gets That Chap Day and Night Spot Stick: I don't remember being annoyed with a product before because of its advertising, this is my first. A double ended stick to help fight spots throughout the day, nothing you haven't seen or heard before. Its difference comes to its packaging, designed to be appealing to teen aged girls, sporting a female super hero called Spot Girl. So far, so good, I even enjoy the geeky aspect of it all. BUT! There is a line on the box that follows a conversation about her between Batman and Robin, which states that "We only want you for your body". Now that made me furious, sending all the wrong messages and promoting appearances over everything else. Needless to say I refused to use the product, so don't expect any opinions over it. Third full size product, 7ml retail for £3.50.
  • All that Jazz Professional Nail Lacquer in "Alycia's Lil Miss Priss": Staying true to the holiday vibe, Glossybox had to include something for our party nails too. This glittery pink feast of a nail lacquer brings this month's box to its conclusion. I have to admit I won't be using this, the colour choice is a miss, I prefer my nail glitters to have basic or neutral shades (white, black, grey, silver, gold and the occasional red). This is the last of the products and again a full size one, 15ml retailing for £9.98.

Before I leave you I have to share my thoughts of this box. I know last month Glossybox has a Harvey Nichols limited edition box released (which sold out in a matter of hours), to which they paid a lot of attention. I feel that their concentration was focused on that box rather than this one though. I had mixed feelings about the products, mainly because I really loved a couple of them but wasn't interested at all in the others. I think this is the very first of the Glossy boxes that had me disappointed as a whole and the fact it was the Christmas one enhanced the feeling even more. I'm hoping they will put more thought on the boxes to come.

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