Wine and Shine, the nail polish way

by - Monday, November 10, 2014

November is the month when I enjoy snuggling at home, burning vanilla and cinnamon scented candles and drinking red wine. There is something really fulfilling about the fruity fullness of wine mixed with the smell of vanilla in the air, but it's also comforting for me to see that deep red colour beyond the contents of my wine glass, particularly on my nails. Yes, November is the time for me to revert to my wine red nail polishes.

So far this year I've only bought two polishes but I can say with certainty that since we're approaching "the most wonderful time of the year" I will be purchasing at least one more before the holiday season is upon us. Plus I have the one colour I've repurchased three times so far (don't ask, I'm obsessed with it) and has been in my life since I was in my early twenties. It was about time I shared them with you lot, so here we go! From left to right we have:

  • Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in 287 "Rouge Couture Midnight Red": Can you picture 10ml of liquid perfection sealed in a bottle? Because that's exactly what this polish is. Midnight Red has been my faithful ally for almost a decade now, worn almost on daily basis not just by myself but my sister and mother too. We are all in love with this deep, rich red that almost resembles the colour of blood. It has been on my nails for every single Christmas day of the last five years and I bet this year will be its sixth. 

  • Revlon Parfumerie in "Bordeaux": Being a blogger means you get to read lots of other peoples blogs and quite often succumb into following a trend, either because you think it's "nice" or "cool" or simply out of curiosity. That third reason is behind the purchase of this polish. I had been reading of scented nail polishes, so naturally was curious to see what was all the fuss about them and since I was getting ready for the upcoming colder months, I opted for the dark red shade. As it came out, I don't really like the scent but the colour is plainly beautiful.

  • Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in 265 "Orchidée Divine Wine": When I want something rich and deep but more on the fuschia/pink side rather than the burgundy red one, I automatically go for this one. I do love Maybelline's polishes a lot, especially the Forever Strong line, but I haven't managed to find this one with the new packaging yet. I don't know if it's being discontinued or not but I'm hoping it isn't.

So these are the three nail polishes I'll be wearing a lot this winter. What are your favourite colours for November/beginning of winter? I'll be waiting for your suggestions!

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