My Little Box October 2014 by Diane Von Furstenberg

by - Wednesday, November 05, 2014

If there is one box out there I would recommend you to try, it would have to be this one. Only its second month in the UK and it already pays back its subscribers with an amazing collaboration, one with Diane Von Furstenberg.

Yes, this is the one and only "My Little Box"!

Once again, the box came with a card showcasing the chosen theme, in this case a beautifully drawn Diane by the hands of artist Kanako, giving us one of the best advice ever. 

"Be the woman you want to be" 

says Diane and I couldn't agree more.

Tell me now, isn't this a box worthy to get excited about? Seriously! 

Again similarly to their previous box, this one came with both lifestyle and make-up items. My personal favourite has to be the gorgeous scarf, designed by Diane and made just for My Little Box. I love the quality of the fabric and the trendy pattern, although I'm not a massive fan of the colour combination (fuschia and red don't compliment each other but that's just me nitpicking). 

Now what do you need when you've just received an amazing accessory? An extra accessory of course, one to make the first one look even cooler! Right? That's why along with the scarf came a pin too, one looking like blood red lips. I don't know about you, but I personally love sporting a bold lip every now and then, although I do favour smokey eyes over bold lips, so this pin gives me the chance to rock both beloved trends without fearing of going over the top. Great? I should think so! 

You can also see in the picture that even the small cotton pouch they include in the box to hold the selection of make-up is "signed", which I think is such a great idea. DVF and I'm finding it hard to take my eyes of the scarf, which I'll probably be wearing tomorrow. But before I start talking about the three make-up items I have to mention that October was also the first month my Little World magazine was introduced to the subscribers, which is a very convenient size to put in your handbag and read on the go (when commuting or having a break at work).

Let's talk make-up now.
My Little Box is not a subscription box that shies away from known brands, so this month the selected names were Kerastase and L'Occitane En Provence. 

  • Kerastase K Laque Noir: An extra strong hold hairspray that dries quickly and invisibly, but is also easy to brush and rework without leaving any residue behind. Now I don't always use a hairspray, but when I do I require the extra hold. What I liked the most about this sample though is its size (75ml). It's big enough to give you quite a few times of usage, but also small enough to keep in your handbag. I'm all about handy, so yay! Full size is 200ml, but I really can't find how much it retails for.

  • L'Occitane En Provence Vanilla Bouquet hand cream: Let's talk about a very demanding customer when it comes to hand creams and there you have me, complaining about all the different ones I've tried but failed to keep my hands moisturized (especially around my fingertips/cuticles). And then I stop, because I've just sampled this one here. And now I'm singing hallelujahs. The sample included in the box is 10ml, which is great considering the travel size is 30ml and costs £8.

  • My Little Beauty Micellar Water: We've all jumped into the bandwagon of using micellar water to clean our faces from make-up and gave quite a few brands a try for their money, concluding to pros and cons for each one and then picking up a favourite. My criteria is always the removal of mascara and I can't say I was happy with the results after using this one. Although it cleaned the rest of my makeup fairly easy, I had to really rub my eyes to take my mascara off, which is a big turn-off for me. It has aloe vera and orange extract in it (very faint citrusy scent) and I guess that it is the full size product I was sent, which is 150ml and retails for £8.

And that's it! 

What do you think about this box? I am loving it all the more and by every day, think I could say it's my favourite box of all three I'm subscribed to. Gives me the perfect balance between fashion/lifestyle and beauty. 

Until next time,


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