My Little Box November 2014

by - Sunday, November 23, 2014

I'm going to keep on saying it, I'm oh so very happy I subscribed to this. Third box in the row since the UK launch and I can safely say it's my favourite one so far! My Little Box really know how to put together a box and guarantee a big smile on my face, especially since this month's box is all about being cozy. And they got it right I tell you!

Here is "My Little Cozy Box"!

I have to stop and admire the box once more before I take you through it's contents. Have I mentioned how I'm falling in love with Kanako's art style? I liked it a lot when I first encountered it, but now it's really growing on me, especially since every month I frame the card that's included in the box (yeap, they have their own special place on my bookcase).

The quote on this month's card comes from Francoise Sagan.

"My favourite pastime
is to let time go by, to have time,
to take my time, to waste time,
to live out of time".

Of course, similarly to last month, there is a copy of My Little World magazine, loaded with beauty tips, a hair tutorial, a photoshoot you want to turn into postcards, a nail tutorial and four recipes, one of which I can't wait to recreate (artichoke cream, doesn't that sound delish?)

Now if you've been reading this blog long enough, you already know that I'm obsessed with coffee. And what is the best gift to make to a coffee lover? This!

The inscription on the mug poses a very important question. 
"How is your day gonna be?" 
You only need to look inside the mug, at the bottom, to find your answer. 

Can you imagine my joy when I received this? Such an amazing, unique mug and it's not even Christmas time! 

Wait, we're not even close to done yet!

I really can't remember a time in my life when the blood circulation on my feet was good and they weren't cold during late autumn and winter. I've always been an owner of thermal socks, or ridiculously fluffy ones and of course the occasional hot water bottle (the one I currently own looks like a grey-white sleeping owl, it's so cute!) for the extremely cold days/nights. And from now on I will have two in my possessions, my old, traditional one and the alternative, very unique one from Tsumori Chisato that I received with my box. It comes in the form of a red and white polka dot pillow with three compartments, filled with some sort of beads that you can heat up in the microwave for twenty seconds on full power. Then it's down to you which area of your body you want to keep warm. 

I reckon the product has two disadvantages (but the oddly shaped polka dot that looks like a cat isn't one of them). First, it can't be used as a heating element if you're not an owner of a microwave (I know, most houses have one nowadays, but what if you don't? Or if you do but it's not electronic, so you can't set a precise timer?) and second, it cools down way too fast for my liking. 

For the end I've kept the make-up pouch full of goodies, which at least to me is the least exciting part of the box, not because I don't like make-up (duh, I love it) but because this box is all about the lifestyle for me. The three products this month are a nail varnish, a waterproof eye pencil and a mascara.

  • Essie Nail Varnish in 73 "Cute As A Button": One of the cutest names for a nail polish ever, this coral pink shade is a beaut. Like most Essie polishes, it applies smoothly and lasts long without chipping. My only objection is that this colour fits better the spring/summer months rather than the cold November, but I'm still quite happy with it. Plus the miniature bottle is cute too. 5ml retail for £7.99.

  • Arcancil Starliner Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in 001 Black: An introduction to a brand I hadn't heard before, I'm quite satisfied with the product. The eyeliner pencil is so soft I can't believe it, it's like a caress for my eyelids/waterline. The colour payoff is great too, as it's not the most opaque black but a muted charcoal (so much better if you're going for a quick smokey eye effect) that blends with ease. I haven't given it the test trial of wearing to work and see if it smudges during the day, but I can tell you for sure it's waterproof (sampled and then had a shower, it didn't budge). Affordable to every budget, it costs only £5.50 (6,90€ at 

  • My Little Beauty Volume and Care Mascara: We've all have been guilty of suspicion over certain makeup products or brands. I won't deny I'm really picky with mascaras, as my left eyelashes are a pain to make look good (my right ones are a blessing, I swear), so when I saw the results I got after using this one, I was more than excited. Let's just say the mascara I was carrying with me in my handbag has now officially been replaced with this one. Perfect! It didn't just coat my lashes, it fanned them out and took care of them the whole day thanks to beeswax, jojoba and sesame oil. Aaaand on top of that, it didn't feel heavy, the brush is longer than I expected and it lasted all day without smearing. No wonder why it costs £16 (19€ on

So this is it for November's My Little Cozy Box! I seriously can't wait for the Christmas box now! I'm all hyped up! Are you too?

Until next time,


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