Birchbox October 2014

by - Sunday, November 02, 2014

Get over the fact that I'll be posting all of my subscription beauty boxes almost a week later than I should (to be fair, I'm just repeating that in order for me to get in terms with it, I had no other choice, I had guests at home for two weeks that I had to keep entertained) and let's dive straight into this post.

October's Birchbox, in collaboration with CoppaFeel.

Now I've mentioned CoppaFeel again in a previous Birchbox post, but for those of you who happen not to know nothing about it, then simply click here. I strongly support a cause like that and I love how Birchbox is reminding us that October is the month of breast cancer awareness, after all it's better to know and to be cautious than to be taken by surprise if you have to face this horrible disease (and I wholeheartedly wish you never have to).

October's theme for the box is all about working out and keeping yourself in a healthy state, which is kind of funny because it's also the month I shyly started working out again, after losing almost two stone (that's 12 kg/ 26 lbs 7 oz.) Don't ask me how I did it, it's called working long hours for a well known and incredibly busy retail brand, while adding lots of vegetables and fruit in your everyday nutrition (hate using the word diet). I'm hoping on losing one more stone before February next year, I believe it's doable if I keep it up.


Let's go take a look to all the goodies I received in my box.

  • Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm: One of the few times I was familiar with the brand from a purchase I've done in the past, I have to admit I was happy to see this in my box but also disappointed as well, because the product targets mainly normal to dry skin. I haven't even removed the seal, knowing from the last time I used it that it does nothing to my excessively oily skin (even though the card inside the box says it balances oily skin too), so this will be given away to my sister, since her skin is very dry. The 40ml sample I received is more than generous as the full size product is 125ml and retails for £20.

  • KMS California HAIR PLAY Dry Wax: Have you ever used a dry wax spray in your life before? I know I haven't and boy, I was missing a lot! Having the long, straight, heavy hair I do, it's so much easier to style them when they have some texture, some grip to them. This spray did exactly that AND as a bonus it wasn't sticky, allowing me to brush my hair easily. I had been using gel sea salt sprays and although they were doing a great job too, they felt sticky when I was styling, which is not at all nice. So I'm telling you, I'm officially converted! The sample bottle I got is 75ml but you can find its whole 150ml for the great price of £15.50!

  • Shaveworks The Cool Fix: I'm one of those girls out there that choose to shave their armpits rather than wax them. It saves me time and money BUT it usually turns my skin red raw with irritation. Of course I can't use any deodorant straight away, even if it's in a creamy form because it stings really badly. All this time I had to wait and wait for the skin to calm down, but now I don't have to, I just apply some of this gel. It acts very similarly to after sun lotion, cools and soothes the skin, plus it absorbs fast. The product claims to treat ingrown hair as well, but I can't attest to that. Considering that 60ml cost £11, my 29ml sample is a great sample as it comes to quantity.

  • Pixi by Petra Shea Butter Lip Balm in "Honey Nectar": Love, love, love. Triple love. Love the smell of this, love the sheer colour that can easily be layered up, love the texture. But most importantly, I love how my lips feel when I have it on. Honey Nectar is the nude colour from the two Birchbox was giving away this month and I'm already considering buying the berry one too, Ripe Raspberry. Definitely the best product in my box and of course it's full size too. 4gr retail for £8.

  • Meaningful Beauty Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules: Supermodel Cindy Crawford and French anti-ageing specialist Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh are the powerhouse responsible for the skincare brand Meaningful Beauty. That's how Birchbox is presenting this particular product. I personally don't know what to make of it. I mean, packaging-wise it looks beautiful and I love the fact that it comes in the form of capsules so you don't get to contaminate it, but having only 7 capsules for a sample isn't enough in my books to see any visible results. It claims to target fine lines for a firmer, plumper and younger-looking skin, but I personally saw no difference whatsoever. I really can't say much about the product, so I'll leave this review as it is. The full size product retails for £39.95, but I have no idea how many capsules it contains.

And the lifestyle add-on this month is a Birchbox lipstick pen, both cute and practical, that is currently resting in my handbag. 

I can't help but compare this box to the one I received for the month of September and although I liked a lot most of its products, I can't say it was in total an amazing box. Fair to say it was a good enough box to convince me to keep my subscription. Am now hoping that November's box won't be a disappointing one.

Until next time,


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