Kiss Me Deadly

by - Sunday, October 26, 2014

Have you had the luck to stumble upon a lingerie brand that you wanted to buy absolutely EVERY single piece, even the ones you knew wouldn't suit your figure? If you haven't then I'm more than happy to introduce you to my own addiction and if you do, then why not give another drug a try? *insert cheeky wink here*

This is the one and only Kiss Me Deadly (yeah I know, even the name rocks!)

I really don't remember how I came to stumble upon the brand but I do know it was love at first sight. It was the year 2008 when I was looking for some burlesque-turned-pin-up style lingerie at the shops back in Greece and couldn't find anything I liked so I went for an online hunt. Back then the brand was only on its third year of life, still very small and trying to build its reputation and customer base. Their designs were so unique I was completely enamoured with them. Very first love that even to this day remains in my opinion their very best of designs, the Van Mimi collection.

I could seriously kill for a set of these, especially the corset in the middle.

Not finding a retailer back then that was shipping these beauties outside the UK could only mean that my desire of acquiring a set had to remain in the sphere of fantasy rather than reality, which to this day stings rather sharply (kind of like her rapier sword in the photos). 

Then 2009 came along and with it came the best girdle I've ever seen. The Vargas

You can't imagine how chuffed I am knowing that Kiss Me Deadly decided to keep the girdle as a permanent line, which also means you can have your hands on one even now, five years after the line's launch! 
Anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? Christmas gift to yourself maybe? *insert cheeky wink once more*

There is the 2015 collection coming up soon with some real jewels, so I would advise you to be quick and grab what you want from their 2014 range now, before it sells out and isn't available anymore. And to keep yourself updated with their new releases and news, then you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

But before I close this post, I have to mention the woman whose body and feminine curves have been adorning all those beautiful lingerie pieces throughout the years. She has been responsible for the love I have towards this brand, because her photos have such an impact. She is Patricia Belda Martinez, known also as Morgana and she can be described with just one word: stunning. If you want to see more of her work, not just as a model but also as a photographer, then all you have to do is check her website, Threnody In Velvet or follow her on Facebook and Twitter

Some of my favourites throughout the years.

I'll try to contain my excitement and say goodbye for now, before my desire to shop overcomes my logic and common sense. I heartily recommend you give Kiss Me Deadly a look further and hope you enjoyed reading this.

Until next time,


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