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by - Sunday, July 05, 2015


This generation loves them (1 out of 5 people have at least one), society is learning to accept them in the workplace all the more (although I reckon it will take some more years for piercings to be as accepted) and tattoo parlours seem to pop up in every corner. I'm part of that particular "trend", if you can call it a trend. I have three tattoos and have been addicted from minute one. Because that's what tattoos are, an addiction.

Ever since I can remember myself I wanted a tattoo. I've been that kid who listened to rock and idolised long hair, tattoos and beards. I couldn't imagine going through life without one. My very first one I had been thinking for a very long time, but the death of my granddad consolidated it. I had to remember the lesson he gave me the last time I'd seen him. 

"Live your life to the fullest, take chances, try your hardest. You don't want to reach the end of it regretting the things you should have done but got cold feet and backed away. It's better to remember that at least you tried."

This weren't his exact words, but you get the gist (I won't share more on it as it's such a personal thing and very close to my heart). And so I went and had it done on my right shoulder blade. SeiShi, Life & Death. The ideogram for Life (top) I got is a little bit bigger than that of Death (bottom), for obvious reasons.

This was also the beginning of the journey for me. I knew the same day I had my first I will have more. I had taken a taste of this drug and now I was hooked on it. Didn't take long for the second one to happen. Another Japanese ideogram that means Fertility, similar to SeiShi, on a private spot of my body. No photos of that one I'm afraid, but you can see the design on the drawing to your right.

MT x 2, I love you
I was becoming more adventurous after that. Gone were the days of simple letters, I now wanted a proper design. And for all this time I wanted to have something in memory of my youngest sister who died after only four months. Her name was Mary Cross. But that's not all. My other sister, whose name also starts with M and has been a pain and a massive joy in my life, was also depicted in my tattoo. It's quite easy you see, our surname starts with a T, so with a bit of imagination that cross can be seen as a T. And there I had it. Both my sisters, my angels, in one tattoo. You understand why I picked the hand that leads to my heart now, right? 

You've probably noticed so far that I'm not exactly an advocate of tattooing as a form of skin decoration. I do love how in depth and beautiful tattoos can be, but personally I won't have one just for the sake of something looking good on my skin. Nah. I need them to mean something. I will be carrying them for the rest of my life after all.

But why did I decide to share all this with you today? Well, because since I lost my grandma last year I had been thinking of a new one to have done. One dedicated not just to her but everyone in the family. A tree, with its roots so deep and its branches so strong. So look out for a similar post in the future, because I'm already putting money in the tattoo bank! 

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