Summer Holidays - Back Home

by - Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Have you ever been away from home for so long that when you finally manage to visit, everything looks way more beautiful that you remembered? Well, that's more or less what happened to me when I went back.

Before I start rambling I wanted to mention that I decided not to write this post specifically for my hometown Edessa as I had previously said. It will be a narration of my holidays back home in general, along with a patchwork of photos for your eyes to feast upon. So what do you think, shall we begin?

Upon arrival and after spending a night at my cousin's place, I took the bus to my village. If you haven't read The Importance of Saying Goodbye then you don't know that while being away in the UK I lost my grandmother and couldn't get back in time for her funeral, so it only was natural that I would go see her first, before everyone else. And so I did. 
Seeing my dad after all this time and spending time with him was such an amazing feeling. When my sister joined us that night, my days only turned better. It felt as if nothing had changed, besides the fact that it had. When dad decided to go fishing just to bring us fresh fish for dinner, I felt privileged (eating fresh and not frozen bream is a privilege, believe me). Three days and some wonderful photos later, we left for Edessa. I was about to see my mum. 

Edessa. I could just sit here and talk about it for hours. It's my hometown and a place I adore, for it has sheltered my dreams and has sparked my imagination and love for history. 
Edessa is an ancient town. It has been one of Alexander's winter resorts. It even has its own founding myth, a prophecy from Delphi given to king Karanos saying that the capital of his kingdom will be revealed to him by snow white goats. It has a waterfall. And very old trees (I don't know how old but I have convinced myself they're ancient). And many rivers. But most importantly, it has my mum.

 (Bottom left photo, that's one of the ancient trees. Just look at the size of it. Photo next to it is a little fellow who landed on my head, I guess he was attracted by my bright haircolour.)

I really can't describe the moment when I hugged my mum. There are no words, the emotions were so intense. We both got teary eyed. 
While being at Edessa, I walked as much as I could, saw as many people as I could and enjoyed my time with my mum and sister. I got a haircut and colouring from my favourite hairdresser and a nail treatment from my mum's beautician. I got to breathe clean, fresh air because of all the trees (it's like the whole settlement is built inside and around a massive park). We talked about everything and nothing. I wish it could last longer.

After three days in Edessa, it was time for me to go to the one place I had spent a decade of my life and loved as much as my hometown, if not a tiny bit more. Thessaloniki. And of course, it was time to see all my friends. And my "brother".
First thing I did was going back to a place that holds so many dear memories for me, a place that for four and a half years I considered a second home. Rock Radio. I know I haven't mentioned this before, but I was a radio producer when I was younger (not that I'm old now!) and had managed to get my "brother" into the whole thing as well. We both had to leave at some point, I to the UK and he to another city, but he returned and of course got his show back. 
You know how you've seen in the movies of a person digging themselves into someone else's arms after throwing the things they're carrying on the floor? That's exactly what happened. 

Yeah, that could easily be me and my "brother". In case you're wondering, we're not related, not by blood anyway, but he is the brother I wished I had. Now all that was left to happen was the big reunion. All of my best friends (who also happen to be my D&D mates, but that's another blog post!) together. Not only it did happen, but we even got to play D&D, with some of the veteran player friends joining us. I was truly, utterly happy. 

And of course while there, I got to eat my most beloved gyros EVER, me and my sister had our coffee read (in Greece we read our near future in the sediments of Greek coffee, similarly to English people reading tea leaves), went to the beach (at last!), had cocktails, had a radio show with the "bro" and had an amazing time in general!

The day before we had to leave for Rome I promised myself it won't be too long until my next visit back home. And I intend to keep that promise.

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