Preacher of blues, Jamie N Commons

by - Wednesday, August 27, 2014

You know how sometimes you have so many things to say but you can't find where to begin, how to put words to your thoughts and how to share them with other people? 

Well, I get tongue tied every time I'm overly excited about someone/something. My vocabulary shrinks to the point that the only thing I manage to utter is a wordless, nonsensical cry of something that could easily be mistaken to what a human being would sound like if someone was stepping on their little toe. Yeah, I think that is actually a very close description of it. And that's just only stage one. Stage two is when I stop being dumbfounded/awestruck and I start talking endlessly, using words like "amazing" and "awesome" more than they should be allowed to be repeated (seriously, literary legislation should cover issues like these!), right before I reach stage three, the over analytical and pretentiously elaborate yet still unbelievably excited blabbering (can you guess which stage I'm in while writing this post?).

And all of this was caused because of one man. A young man whose voice and music reminded me again why I loved being a radio producer in the past. For the same reason I'm writing this here post. To share the experience with any willing soul. And to introduce you to the uniqueness of Jamie N Commons.

Why do I consider him unique? Because of his raspy, whiskey and blues born gritty voice. We could start an argument here based solely on the fact that he is not the only man in this planet with such a voice. And I will agree to that. 
The weight of life, experience and emotions his voice bears is what makes him noteworthy. It's as if he wasn't born in 1988's Bristol, UK but in a moss covered swamp, early 1900's, somewhere in the American South . He doesn't just "sing" the blues, he narrates them as if they are memories of his past. 

Take my word when I say I'm not the only one who has noticed his talent. Eminem featured him in his song "Desperation" and his current collaboration with X Ambassadors in the single "Jungle" has been everywhere, from Netflix's "Orange is the New Black" season 2 trailer to advertisements for Beats by Dre to the end credits of "Hercules". 

I can't stop thinking how lucky I was to stumble upon his song "Lead me Home", that was featured in a Walking Dead promo video. A few hours later I had listened to all of his songs I could find online, had followed him in every social media and was going through his tour dates (there is no doubt I will attend one of his UK gigs in the future). Not to mention of course that I bought his second album, "Rumble and Sway" and am still in search of his first one, "The Baron". 

Favourite song so far? "Devil in Me".

Icing on the cake? The fact he absolutely ROCKS that hat of his.

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