My Geekbox? Really?

by - Sunday, August 24, 2014

Why so surprised? Is it bad for a woman to enjoy both beauty products AND geekery? Allow me to explain with the help of some lyrics from one of Gretchen Wilson's songs:

"...You gotta dig down deep to see what lies beneath, 
on the other side, other side.
There's a whole another world and I'm a complicated girl,
there's a lot more to see on the other side of me."

Hope that was somewhat enlightening. Yeap, there is that side of me who not just enjoys geeky things but can't imagine her life without them. So when I stumbled upon this monthly subscription during a casual browsing internet afternoon, I decided to go and buy a one-off box to give it a try. So here it is, my very first Geek Box

I want to begin by saying that the August box I received hasn't been a great box but just a mediocre one (run a google search on some of the previous boxes and you'll see). Still, I have to admit there has been lots of contemplation as to whether I shall add yet this sub in my life. No decision has been taken yet, I'll let you know when I do.

I don't believe I need to introduce you to how the whole thing works with Geek Box, it's more or less the same with any other subscription box. You choose your sub, pay for it and then they send you a box full of goodies (best thing is you get a T-shirt every month, no matter what!). Unfortunately Geek Box is not shipping outside the UK as of yet, which I know sucks, but keep in mind they've only just started and I believe they will consider shipping abroad once they get more business. 
Of course each month has a theme, August was the month where you pack up your gear and go out in search of a Quest!

I'll start with what I consider the crown jewel of this box, the little Funko POP figurine of Ghost, John Snow's albino direwolf from Game of Thrones. It's not just the fact that it's cute (you can't deny this!), but I also got lucky receiving a figurine I actually really like (although I wouldn't mind Tyrion or Daenerys either). 
And since we're talking about Game of Thrones, the box also came with a bookmark from the House of Greyjoy (poor Theon). 

Leaving our first encounter behind, we move to yet another set of Quests, the likes of which only a master of fantasy could create. Of course I'm talking about Tolkien's Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I won't stay on the four postcards since there's nothing special about them, but I will spend some moments admiring the T-shirt and its clever twist. I bet all of you with a knack for cult films are already laughing, because turning Reservoir Dogs into Rivendell Dogs was, was, well I can't even find a word to describe what it was! Brilliant maybe?

The last goodie of the box came in the shape of candy. Harry Potter candy to be more specific. There are several normal tasting sweets in the pack, like lemon, green apple or cinnamon, but what peaks your interest are the ones tasting like earwax, vomit, booger or rotten egg. In case you're wondering, I haven't tried them yet (my curiosity is killing me though).

I absolutely wish I was Marty McFly for a day, so I could turn back time and purchase the Space & Time themed box (the print on the T-shirt was a DeLorean!), but I'm afraid Doc Brown hasn't yet conceived the mechanics of a "flux capacitor". 

So what do you guys think? Should I take the plunge and subscribe? 

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