Glossybox August 2014

by - Friday, August 22, 2014

Tell me, is it too soon to say that I'm really falling in love with this beauty subscription box and thinking of renewing my sub from a monthly basis one to a 6-month one at least?

August 2014 signifies the third anniversary of Glossybox worldwide, which is important news since many subscription boxes related to beauty came and were gone in lesser time. So Happy Birthday Glossybox and Well Done!

In lieu of changing the appearance of the box to something befitting the anniversary, they decided on staying with the standard pale pink box, only this time the box isn't of the same quality or shape as the previous ones. It's more square and, wait for this, it's NOT glossy (imagine my surprise)! Still, it retains the high standards of the company. But let's talk about the contents rather than the box, shall we?

  • Lalique L'Amour: First of all, I love the applicator! Not a spray, which makes it perfect to use behind the ears, because that's exactly where I'll be wearing it. Oh, the smell of this is beyond amazing. Sensual yet delicate and romantic. I'm not usually into the rosebud smell, but I love all the other notes of this fragrance. Fresh bergamot, gardenia, cedar, sandalwood and a touch of musk for base. Just kill me, j'aime ce parfum! Comes in two sizes, 50 ml retail for £67 and 100ml for £94.

  • Essence I love extreme crazy volume Mascara: I have to say I found it an amusing coincidence that I got an Essence product the month my local Wilko started selling them. Essence is a brand I'm quite familiar with (has been present on Greek beauty stalls for many years now) and I currently own a few products, so getting one of their mascaras was a pleasant surprise. It has a plastic comb wand that is quite thick, but I can't tell you if it does indeed add volume, as I haven't used it yet. That's the first of the two full size products I received in my box and retails for £2.79 (12ml).

  • Philip Kingsley Elasticizer: Now here's a product I'm genuinely intrigued. I've never used a pre-shampoo treatment, so this will be the one to "pop the cherry" of its kind for me! It promises to deliver manageability and elasticity without weighing down the hair, but I'm always a bit reserved with new products. To use a Greek quote, "Whenever you hear of a massive amount of cherries, approach holding a small basket", meaning I won't expect a miracle to happen, but if it does then I'll make sure to share my experience with you! Full size is 250ml and retails for £38.

  • Kryolan For Glossybox Highlighter Cashmere: Second full size product of the box and is one specially made for Glossybox! Seriously, this is the best cream highlighter I've used so far in my life. I may not have a lot of experience with highlighters in general, but this one was so easy to apply, blended beautifully and didn't feel heavy at all on my skin. I can see myself wearing it a lot, especially on my brow bone. 4.5g retails for £12.95.

  • Figs & Rouge Mini Hand Cream: I've been craving for a tasty smelling handcream for some time now and it looks like my wish has been granted. This little tube of fragrant joy is the perfect size for my handbag and will be accompanying me to work every day. It absorbs fast and doesn't leave the hands feeling greasy afterwards, plus the antioxidants, shea butter and algea extracts help nourish the skin. The sample I received is 20ml, full size is 80ml and retail for £6.95, which I'll be buying for sure! Is it bad that I want to eat it too?

  • Yves Rocher Pink Nail Polish: Here comes the birthday bonus of this box, a miniature polish in a nude pink shade that's only a bit darker than Glossybox's pink! I had been using some skincare products from Yves Rocher in the past and was quite satisfied but I've never purchased one of their polishes or make up now that I think of it. I like its colour and I definitely like the size (I find it almost impossible to finish a normal size polish before it starts going bad), plus it's affordable to everyone, since it costs only £3.60 (3ml).

Can I say one more time how much I'm loving Glossybox? Can't wait to see what will come inside the autumnal boxes and what the themes will be in the future, but at the same time I'm not ready yet to say goodbye to the summer with its warm, sunny days (the weather in the UK has already started getting colder). Why can't we have one extra month of summer? Eh Glossybox? What do you say? Can we turn September into a summer month? Pretty please?

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