Getting ready for September

by - Saturday, August 30, 2014

I have to admit that although I prefer cold weather to hot, I'm really not a fan of the rain. Not. At. All! 
You're right to wonder what on earth was I thinking moving to the UK, a country known worldwide for its rainy, humid weather, after my previous statement. I could explain, but the answer is way too lengthy and irrelevant to bother. 

Summer in the UK is officially over for more than a week now and nature has already started putting on her autumnal dress. Leaves are turning yellow, days are becoming less sunny and I feel the need to revert from the bright colours of summer to muted pastels and warm, earthy tones. It's the time of the year when I always add light brown leather and golden accents to my outfits, in addition to the occasional floral pattern here or there to help me stay positive and happy when the weather starts going dark and miserable. Makeup remains simple and glowy, based predominantly on nude colours and big lashes (but not fake ones). Natural is the new chic after all, or at least I believe it so.

What is your outfit of choice for the first month of autumn? Do you prefer a light colour palette or do you take the plunge into a darker, more wintery selection? 

Until next time, 


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