Vanity Fair

by - Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I love it when I get to watch movies with my mum (it's one of my little pleasures in life and something we always do when I visit). It gets even better when we watch something great and then I realise not many people know or remember it, as it gives me the opportunity to share it and spread the joy.

This time that certain something was a period movie from 2004 called "Vanity Fair".

The movie is based on William Thackeray's book, which is set in 19th century England. Starts with a pauper girl requesting ten guineas instead of four from a marques for the portrait of her dead mother that her father intended on selling. After some time and the death of her father, she ends up in a school for young girls, working as a servant. The years pass by and we see her all grown up, leaving the school along with her closest friend, in order to work as a governess. And that's more or less where the story begins.

The movie raises one and one question only. How far would you go in order to achieve your goal? In the case of Miss Rebecca Sharp, her goal was to enter the ranks of good society. Was she right to do the things she did or wrong? Were her actions justified? You will be the judge of that.

Personally I really enjoyed the movie (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't suggest you watch it!). I haven't read the book, so I can't compare the two, but the atmosphere was great, the costumes stunning, the cast of actors superb. Reese Witherspoon is Rebecca Sharp, playing along the likes of Gabriel Byrne, the late Bob Hoskins, James Purefoy (I completely and utterly adore him!), Rhys Ifans (dear Lord, what a voice!), Romola Garai, Eileen Atkins and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Mira Nair is the director.

PS. Poor, poor Mr. Dobbins!

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