Summer Holidays - Rhodes Island, Greece

by - Saturday, July 26, 2014

Before I start posting photos and take you through the highlights of my trip, give me a minute to tell you about it as a whole.

I've mentioned in another post that during summertime, when most people are heading to the beaches, I'm usually going back to Greece to visit my family. The trip this year included many stops, not just at the beginning and end of it, but also in between. I'm on the very last bit of my holidays as I'm writing this post, but the whole schedule was something like this:
Rhodes island - Thessaloniki - My village - My hometown Edessa - Thessaloniki and last but not least Rome. Quite the long trip, right?

This post will be about the very first part of the trip, the picturesque island of Rhodes.

Since there is no direct flight from Nottingham, UK to Thessaloniki, Greece and we could not be bothered take the train to London, we went for an in-between stop to one of the other Greek destinations connected directly. The choice was between Chania, Corfu and Rhodes, but there really only was one destination for me, that of Rhodes island. Three reasons why, the most important being that a very dear friend who I hadn't seen for almost five years was working on the island as a tour guide. Tickets got booked, we flew over a sea of cotton clouds (it was like a scene from a fairytale I tell you!) and there we were!

This stop was immensely important to me. Not only was I returning to the island after 13 years but was also returning to Greece after 2 years of being away and this stop was the first one on Greek soil. Upon arrival my friend Eleni was waiting for us, we tried avoiding tears and failed, caught a taxi, got to the hotel, changed clothes, went out for gyros straight away and then had a nice walk inside the medieval city (second living medieval city in the world, with Jerusalem being the first and also a declared World Heritage site) that brought us to a hookah bar, where we had melon tasting tobacco and wine. Day one ended in a bliss.

Now I refuse to tire you with details about the beauty of the island of Rhodes (but if you want to know more info about it then click on its name, otherwise click here). I will help you remember why the name reminds you of something, because if you're familiar with the seven wonders of the ancient world then you know of the famous Colossus, who was situated at Rhodes port. But besides that, I will let some photos speak for themselves.

And that's just the Palace of the Grand Master in the photos, that we visited the afternoon of the second day (I spent that morning by the pool, I won't lie), along with the Archaeological museum which used to be the hospital of the Order of Knights before the Turkish occupation and its use as a harem with private baths.

Here's some more exhibits from the Palace and the Archaeological Museum, along with me and Eleni.

Day two ended with a glorious feast of food, retsina wine, mouth watering desserts and again a hookah, this time tasting like a combination of fruits. We went back to the hotel with a big smile on our faces, partially because of the alcohol but mainly because we had a marvelous time together.

Day three we only had a few hours before we had to leave, so after an early second dive at the pool we took a stroll around the medieval city again, bought some souvenirs and gifts, had a refreshment at the clock (which is also the highest place and offers amazing panoramic views of the city below it) and then made our way to the airport. 

Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to visit any other of the many beautiful places Rhodes island has to offer like Lindos, Kameiros etc., but we were given the chance to admire the medieval city's magical imprint in local and global history and become enchanted by it. We can't help but ask for more in the future.

PS. I will be posting two more parts soon, one about my hometown Edessa and one about Rome (which may even break into two parts, as the Eternal City has so much to offer).

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