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by - Wednesday, July 09, 2014

It's summertime, which means people travel to all sorts of destinations, international and/or abroad, to enjoy some time away from the stress and routine of everyday life. It's always so much better when you're at a warmer climate, in your swimming suit, with a cold refreshing beverage at hand (personal favourites are Lipton's Linea Iced Tea with pineapple and hibiscus and of course cold Frappé, my Greek coffee summer addiction).

My case is a bit different though. If you've read the "About Me" section then you already know that I'm Greek living in the UK. This means that when other people go abroad on holidays, I just go back home to see my family. And that brings us to the topic of this blog post, my take on your handbag travel essentials.

Now I'm not one of the lucky people out there who get to travel often, but when I do I try to be prepared.

  • Snacks are your best friends.

Depending on the total amount of hours I'll be traveling, I may or may not get something to eat, but every time I've been in a plane so far the trip duration was over the three hour snacking threshold. Common sense and personal experience dictate not to spend money on board, as the companies tend to overprice everything, so that leaves me one other alternative. Good old prepacked home food. This time I baked a mini chocolate cake for two the day before. That way we only had to spend on a cup of coffee each (coffee expenditure is always justified).

  • Keep boredom at bay.

I always make sure to carry with me a light read (magazine or book/eBook) and some music, that way I keep myself entertained and time flies faster. Marie Claire was more an impulsive buy at the airport, but you get what I'm saying here (I barely went through its pages though as I decided on writing this post instead!).

  • Protect your eyes,

I may love a bright sunny day, but I go nowhere without my sunglasses. Your eyes need to be protected from the harmful rays of the sun, much like your skin. My personal choice has always been a pair of aviators, not just as a fashion statement but also because I can remember my dad wearing his original Rayban (golden frame, green tinted lenses?) back when I was still a child and thinking how great he looked with them on. As for the ones of you wearing lenses, never forget your eyedrop solution, especially when flying. Being on a plane dries up your eyes, so make sure to keep them healthy and wet.

  • Fight back the germs

I don't know about you but I have a thing about dirty surfaces. I get ridiculously fussy and try to keep my hands clean at all times, so I pack either hand sanitizer gel or wet wipes. Along with them come tissues as well, for wiping both my hands and runny nose (yeah, cabin pressure and excessive air conditioning give me a blocked up nose).

  • Stay matte and pucker up!

Not everyone's first priority but people with excessive oily skin like mine know all too well what we go through with our shiny foreheads and greasy chins everyday, let alone in a warmer climate. I've been trying to fight back against this raging enemy of ours by doing two things, use skincare that targets my problem in combination with blotting papers and my Rimmel Stay Matte translucent powder. That way I look better in mere seconds and I don't have to think twice about my skin. In order though to accomplish a healthy look, I make sure I moisturize my lips and Maybelline's Baby Lips does that (plus it smells delish!).

  • Optional

Whenever you can I would suggest you carry with you a hand cream as well. It took me a long time to understand that my hands needed the moisturization as much as the rest of my body (I've always had that stupid mindset that since they never got dry I didn't need the cream), but when you're flying just with hand luggage and have liquid limitations, it may not make the cut (but I had some packed with me, just not in my handbag).

I really hope you enjoy this post and that you're one of the lucky ones to go on holidays soon (or to read it while chilling by the pool or the sea!). I'm currently away on mine, so expect more posts about holidays, travelling, reunions, family and the like.

Have a great day!

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