Birchbox June 2014

by - Saturday, June 28, 2014

I know for a fact that I'm not the only one subscribed to more than one beauty box. I know there are others out there in the big world with a lot more subscriptions active and I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm partially jealous of them (I don't have enough space to allow myself more!) This is my second beauty box, Birchbox, and on top of that, this box is my first one ever from this service. Let's dive in, shall we?

Before I even start talking about the box and its contents, I want to insert here a small rant about the delivery service Birchbox is using. I'm not going to name the company but I have to say I was so very disappointed with them. Let me tell you and show you why.
The courier found no one at home the day he attempted to deliver the box. Now, according to my knowledge, when something like that happens you get a note saying that your parcel was sent back to a local branch store or depot and you need to reschedule for a new delivery date, right? Wrong! That's NOT what happened in my case. The courier decided to just leave the parcel on my front door's steps! A bright in-your-face pink colour box that sticks out for miles! Now, I live on a street that isn't very busy but still, anyone could have picked it up and go, without me having a clue that the box was delivered in the first place. I was so upset when I came back from work and found it in this sorry state.

I won't go further into rant mode here but I have to admit it made such a bad impression to me that I was even thinking of even cancelling the subscription without even knowing what it was that I had been sent in the first place (I didn't in the end but if a similar incident happens again I will have to contact them and file a complaint). 

Anyhow. Let's just focus on the actual subscription box and its contents now, shall we? 

The theme of the box for June 2014 was "Global Strikers", inspired by FIFA World Cup Tournament that is taking place in Brazil as I'm writing these lines (a blog post about Greece's participation and my thoughts over the whole shebang will be posted soon!). I received five products, all samples, along with a Birchbox keyring in the shape of a flip-flop. How cute! But let's talk products here.

  • Silk + Honey Shea Butter Hair Mask: The mask came in a plastic pot with an adequate amount in it. It doesn't smell much of honey to me, more like everyday sun cream I would say. The great thing about it is that it's made of fresh ingredients, which means it will be more nourishing and my hair will enjoy all the fresh goodness of it. The bad thing about the good thing is that it came with a very short expiry date (and by that I mean the first week of August!), which means I will have to put aside the hair mask I'm currently using and use this one before it goes kaput. It's part of a DIY set that retails for £55.

  • Jane Iredale Just Kissed Cheek & Lip Stain: This was the cutest item in the box for me! A miniature sample of what I call a lip balm stain, because the colour is a sheer baby pink that doubles as a sweet, dewy flush on the cheeks AND one of the most moisturizing tints for the lips I've ever used. Three hours after application and I could still feel the benefits of it, kept my lips so soft and moisturized. As for its lasting abilities, it only required a second application after I had something to eat, plus it's one of those balms that faint really gracefully on the lips. Full size is 2,3g and retails for £20.95.

  • Caudalie Vinoperfect SPF15 Day Perfecting Fluid: Now I remember this brand since I was a young teenager, along with Yves Rocher and Maria Galland, because of my mum and her great taste over skincare. This was the first time I had the chance to try something of theirs and I have to admit I have mixed feelings about it. Let me explain why. A luxe sample of 10ml, the moisturizer is oil free and absorbs really fast, which is such a plus to what is known as the oily bane of my skin. It also evens the skin tone, which was brilliant for the redness I have around my nose and cheeks. BUT! (There's almost always a but, right?) I noticed that after only an hour my forehead went glistening and horrid, so I can only guess this doesn't work well with my skin type. I honestly believe it would be great for people with dry skin, but it's something I personally won't be using again in the future. Full size is 40ml and retails for £38.

  • OPI Nail Lacquer in "Kiss me I'm Brazilian": The second miniature sample of the box, coming from the world renown Brazilian company OPI. I can't really give you my opinion here, as I haven't tried the sample yet. I can definitely say though that I like that pink shade, it's perfect for summertime. Full size of this retails at £11.95.

  • Aromatherapy Associates Relax Light OR Revive Bath & Shower Oil: I can guarantee you, this sample was sent to the wrong person. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of long baths and relaxation, but I'm not the kind of person who really actually enjoys them. I've tried many times in the past to fill the tub, lay back and relax, but no, it's not working for me. I get either bored or stressed that there are things that need to be done and I'm wasting time getting all soaked and wrinkly. Ew! The manufacturers suggest a second way of using the product by lathering yourself up before showering, so I may try that one up and let you know of my thoughts. Full size is 55ml and retails for £39.

I'm really hoping I won't have to deal with another bad delivered box in the future, because I was quite happy with the products I received, but that's all I had to say in this post!
What did you get in your Birchbox for June? Did you get one of the products I mentioned above? And if you did, what are your thoughts about it? Let me know in the comment section below. 


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