Glossybox June 2014

by - Friday, June 27, 2014

Having been blessed with a wonderfully warm first summer in the UK almost two years ago and a not so bad one last year, I was hoping for a similarly nice one this year too. But no. So far the weather has decided I'm asking for too much.

For those of you who live in the UK/have lived at some point in the past and are familiar with the term "Great British Summer", you also know how big of a lie that is. United Kingdom rarely has what most of the world would call summer season, instead it has an elongated spring that literally makes me want to kill myself because of hayfever and pollen allergy (among others). So when I received June's Glossybox and the first thing I noticed on the cover of their magazine was a title with big capital letters stating that "Summer is Here", I couldn't stop myself laughing with the irony of it.

The theme of this month's box is "Around the World: Destination Beautiful". The magazine featured an article about Vogue Williams and her Glossy Life, a "What's in your Make-Up bag?" with Really Ree (blogger Anne Marie Lodge), some tanning tips by Amanda Harrington, a small presentation of So Susan Cosmetics and of course their regular "Ask the Skin Care Expert" column.

As you can see in the picture, I received five items, three of them full size.

  • Nailgirls 3-in-1 base/topcoat & nail strengthener: I received a luxe sample of 10ml (full size is 15ml) which is more than satisfactory, but that's where the satisfaction ended. The packaging was worse than cheap, a clear bottle that came with a transparent badly glued sticker on top and don't even get me started on the product itself. I know most nail products have that distinct smell when you apply them, but this one in particular smelt worst than a £1 product I bought on a whim to try as a topcoat. As for duration? I've used it three times so far, only as a top coat (I didn't want to risk putting it straight on top of my very sensitive nails) and it chipped in no time. For a product with a price tag of £13.50 for 15ml, I can definitely tell you it's not worth it.

  • Got2b Rise 'n' Shine souffle: One of the three full size products, this styling souffle comes from the brand Swarchkopf (which is quite a big drugstore/highstreet brand in Greece). Packaging is nice and solid, easy to store or take with you on a trip, with a lid that locks securely. The souffle looks like a proper edible souffle (made me crave for one when I opened it!) and smells lightly of strawberries. I haven't used it yet because my hair is way too long and heavy right now, so nothing that promises of texturized volume can really work against gravity(!) as far as I know, but I will be using it soon after I get a haircut. This was 100ml and retails for £4.07.

  • Teez Trend Cosmetics Beautiful Flat Stiff Brush: Obviously this falls under the category of full size products. I was so happy to see this brush in my box because I'm way too familiar with Teez Trend Cosmetics, my beautician back in Greece was using their make up range before I moved to the UK (I have no clue if she still does). The bristles are natural hair and the brush is great for application either of eyeshadows or concealer. Retails for €19.

  • So Susan Cosmetics Universal Blush: I don't know why other people subscribe to boxes like Glossybox, but discovering niche brands with amazing products is one of the main reasons I do. So Susan Cosmetics, I don't know what you've done, but this blush here is one of a kind. Besides the fact that its colour is neither pink nor peach nor coral but something in between all of them, its texture is so soft, its consistency so nice and creamy, its pigmentation amazing. It has a subtle sheen to it and because of the buriti fruit oil it's infused, it leaves a natural flush on the cheeks. I was already hooked before I found out it's also long lasting. I think it's only con is that the outer packaging is so nice and girly, yet the actual packaging of the blush feels cheap and has nothing special. This was the third full size product, retailing at £18.

  • Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Discovery Ritual (Shower Cream, Body Lotion and Eau Fraiche Fragrance): I don't have much to say about this collection of samples besides that the fragrance has a smell reminiscent of flowers, figs and summertime. The whole theme was inspired by a walk through a Mediterranean garden and I can attest to that, as it brought back memories of my childhood back in Greece. Haven't used the products yet but it made it to my holiday travel essential kit, so I'll try to let you know what I think of it. Price of the fragrance is £32 for 100ml, body lotion is £13 for 200ml and shower cream is £9.50 for 200ml.

All in all, my impressions of this box were quite alright and I know I will be using a couple of products from now. What did you get in your boxes and what are your thoughts about them? 

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